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LABOUR SHOW. Parallel program

 November, 24, 2011, Thursday, 17.00 

Literature reading and discussion “Another work vol. 2”

The authors share their work experience in the humanitarian, artistic and other fields, and do some recitation. It is harder to define the line between creation and work than to differentiate manual, hired or industrial labour. Taken this into account, it is important how a piece of literature reveals social problems or how it embodies them in a performative way. After the performances there will be a discussion on how to enhance professional and economic conditions in the sphere of culture and how it correlates with creation.

Presentation of the “Video-archive of Andriy Polyakov”

Andriy Polyakov collected a big video-archive while working as a flight attendant in a small air company. The selected moments, the video-digest, are the best fragments of what one can see in air and what one wouldn't notice without having a long-term aeronautics experience. 


November, 25, 2011, Friday, 17.00

Andriy Movchan “Decoding” 

A journalist's job has around itself an unsound halo of privileged business. Meanwhile the whole process of the production of information stays behind the scenes. Is there a fundamental difference between the news factory and the rest of factories? After all, is the journalist a worker, or is he something immeasurably more? As it turns out that there is a vital difference between professional mythology and labour.

After the screening a discussion will be held with the participation of Andriy Yanitsky, Kyiv Independent Media Trade Union activist. 

Vitaliy Atanasov, Anastasia Ryabchuk. “Kherson machine-building plant” 

The video consists of documentary materials and interviews with workers, who took part in the 2009 Kherson protests. The workers reflect on why the protests have begun and how it has taken place, and also on the solidarity of workers from other enterprises, on why the protests had failed and on the future of labour movement in Ukraine. 

LABOUR SHOW will run from November, 17 to December, 2, 2011 on weekdays from 10:00 to 18:00 at the following address: Visual Culture Research Center, National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Old Academic Building, ground floor, 2 Skovorody St., Kyiv (metro Kontraktova Ploshcha).

Supported by: Stiftung,  Visual Culture Research Center at NaUKMA,  Foundation CCA

Media partners: Springerin,  Labourarchiveоstory 


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